About: Yossi Attia

A veteran entrepreneur and business executive, Yossi Attia has led the international real estate investment and development firms such as Atia Group. (AG Ltd.) since 2004. Yossi Attia’s has completed several significant projects in the Croatian region of Istria, including a multi-family complex in the vicinity of Kamenjak National Park. Listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, AG Ltd. notably generated nearly $6 million euros in revenue during its first three years in operation.

Yossi Attia earned his B.A. in Economics and Marketing at Haifa University in Israel. Initially coming to the United States as a graduate student, he obtained an MBA from Pepperdine University and began a career in financial services. Rising to a position as Senior Vice President at Interfirst Capital Corp., he subsequently held executive leadership positions at Sutro & Company and Prudential Securities Ltd. In addition to managing client relations, Mr. Attia gained a reputation for accurately evaluating company valuation and investment prospects. In addition to leading firms, Yossi Attia has undertaken several angel and venture capital investment transactions in recent years, also facilitating mergers and acquisitions.

Yossi Attia has achieved several awards and recognitions over his career in business, including commendation from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Yossi Attia has also received residential construction and design awards from the City of Beverly Hills.


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